Warrantech is proud to now offer dealers and customers alike the finest overall RV program in the industry — CampersEdge. As industry leaders since 1983, Warrantech developed CampersEdge to strike the perfect balance between providing comprehensive coverage choices while keeping it simple to use. 
Only CampersEdge offers the flexibility to choose the coverage plan, length of coverage, number of miles covered and deductible to fit the way you drive and the budget you live with. Whether you drive 5,000 or 50,000 miles a year, Warrantech has made it easy to pick the coverage that’s right for you: 
Two Simplified Coverage Levels
• Preferred
- Comprehensive stated component coverage
• Ultimate
- Exclusionary coverage
• Coverage available for motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, pop-ups and slide-ins
• Fewer add-on or surcharged items than found in competitive programs
• New plan terms up to 7 years
• Used plan terms up to 4 years
• Coverage available for units up to current plus 15 model years old





GAP Protection



tire & wheel

road hazard

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Road hazards that are covered: potholes, rocks, wood debris, metal parts, plastic or composite scraps or any item causing tire, wheel or rim damage beyond normal wear and tear.

Coverage includes repair or replacement coverage for tire and rims (including mounting, balancing, and taxes) and emergency road assistance benefit.

More benefits: flat tire coverage, wheel/rim protection, tire replacement, and mounting/balancing and taxes.

Most insurance companies only reimburse
the owner for market value of the vehicle.
Your loan or lease balance may be more
than your insurance settlement. Along with
your insurance deductible, this “GAP” in
coverage becomes your financial burden.
Our GAP Protection program provides
protection for up to 150% of the retail value
of your vehicle.

Because of risks associated with theft,
collision and natural disaster, the chances
of your vehicle being involved in a total loss
are greater than you may think. EdgePlus

GAP Protection provides you with the
peace of mind and confidence that your
financial exposure is minimized for up to 84


Should your vehicle be stolen in spite of this effective deterrent, EdgePlus Theft provides the following benefits:

• Up to $3,000 if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered (deemed a total loss by your primary insurance company) PLUS up to $2,000 replacement allowance toward the purchase of a replacement vehicle from the original selling dealer who sold you this plan.

• The program will pay an amount equal to your primary insurance deductible (maximum of $1,000) for repairs* to your damaged vehicle if it is stolen and recovered within 30  days.

• $1,000 travel allowance if your vehicle is stolen more than 200 miles from your home.
• $1,000 airfare allowance if your vehicle is stolen more than 500 miles from your home.
• Up to $500 rental car allowance.
• Fully managed identity theft recovery
assistance should you become a victim of identity theft.